What We've Been Up To Lately


Check out our new social media app Ochloi!!  Create public or private crowds where your friends and people of similar interests can hang out, chat, post pictures and create events.



Our native iOS app, Dividend Predictor allows users to keep track of their passive income stream. The app provides simple reports to view monthly, quarterly, and yearly dividends. It also shows stock price end of day data.  Portfolios are kept in the cloud, allowing access from multiple devices or from the web. 


MoneyPeeps is the companion website to Dividend Predictor. It enables users to view their portfolios online, as well as FAQs, Product Documentation and a Support Forum.  



Green Schools Alliance hired us to improve the speed, reliability and usability of their website. The site hosts and provides a way for over 350 schools worldwide to track their environmental and green programs, as well as providing a way to network and collaborate with other schools.  The site is written in PHP and uses Drupal as its framework. 


Chris and Anita spent a winter at this mayan-run hospital situated in Highland Guatemala. We volunteered our time and helped design an inventory system to manage their drug and other medical supply donations.